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About Us

Our serves all blockchain companies, developers, and users, providing information authentication and query services for most virtual currency wallet addresses on the market.

Help instructions

If you submit your address information inaccurately?

First of all, you need to register as our user first. After logging in, click on the top right corner of the page. “Authentication address ” Enter the certification page and fill in the relevant information.

What is owner certification?

Owner authentication is a method used by the cellular network to increase the credibility of information. The transfer of information to the platform proves that the information entry user is the owner of the current wallet address to improve the reliability and authority of the information.

When the icon is lit, the owner has verified that the wallet address information is entered by the owner, but it does not mean that the information is accurate.

My wallet address has been entered by someone else. How can I change it?

Please contact us.

What is a tag and how do I add a tag?

Labels are brief information that everyone can participate in adding. It is a supplement to other information. If you find that the owner of an address is inaccurate, you can add a suitable label for the address for reference by other users.

The address can be tagged, and addresses that have not been entered into owner and description information cannot be tagged.“ +

If you submit your address information inaccurately?

In the submitted address list, the lower address is modified.

The API can query related information about the address. The address information is provided by the member. The API supports both GET and POST.

Request address information




State: 0 is returned successfully

msg:message notification


                title: address name; address: address; des: address description; isrenzheng: 2 is authenticated, 0 is not authenticated; nametype:0 is an individual, 1 is a company;            

The relevant information of the address is provided by the member.